"Magic Christmas"

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with this:
Theresia Lentsch, Günter Flath, Andre Dossi, Markus Wutte, Zauberer Magic Klaus, Kinder der VS Sachsenburg, 2/4 Musi, Chriss Lind und Stargast Melissa Naschenweng

A Work from Aktrice:
Zodiac Fish
40 x 30 cm
Abstract compositions in mixed media
with inlaid swarovski-crystalls and gilded with 12 carat gold

This year the total revenue the small Ralf will be donated. Ralf is 3 years old, comes from the remote village and is a butterfly child. However, Ralf has a particular form of this disease. It has not only the skin but also to the organs. With him this disease have only three people worldwide.

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